An update for all customers regarding current government restrictions

Important Information concerning Coronavirus / Covid-19

With the most recent social distance measures now in place as of 24/3/2020, our saleroom is now closed to the public until further notice.

M&M Auctions however will strive to continue to operate albeit under current operating restrictions such that all auctions until further notice will be online only and operations until April 13th at the earliest are now limited to packing and postage of existing orders only.

Telephone / Email queries are still invited with remote working now in place for our administrators.

In the interests of all our staff and customers and to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it is very important that you now do not travel to our saleroom under any circumstances until further notice. There will be no charge for any lots held in storage until you are able to collect.

We have now adopted a significant cleanliness policy for any visitors and staff in accordance with the latest guidance to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please be respectful of this policy in the interests of all of our staff and customers.

Current Lead Times on Packing Orders
M&M will continue to pack all orders for customers that wish items to be shipped. Please be aware that due to staff restrictions now in place and to operate in accordance with social distance measures, it may take a little longer than usual to get items to you at this time. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working to fulfil all orders as quickly as possible. We are closely monitoring the domestic and international developments with regards to delivery companies. In the interests of our customers, we reserve the right to withhold parcels for shipping pending further restrictions being implemented that may hinder or prevent items being delivered in a timely manner.

If you wish us to hold your items, there will be no additional charges for this service.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this difficult time.