House / Property / Commercial Clearance

M&M Auctions is pleased to now offer a full and comprehensive house / property clearance service. Our clearance service is available to both domestic and commercial clients. The process can be summarised by the following steps.

  1. Initial contact. You call or email with some details. Some pictures usually help assist in our preliminary assessment of how best to approach the consignment. We are acting on your behalf and in your best interests so we endeavour to realise for you the maximum amount of funds from the clearance process. We have outlets via general and specialist auctions in addition to commercial auction outlets. All auctions are conducted online with a Worldwide audience. For particularly large clearances, we may dedicate a single specialist auction for you. Our fee is always negotiable based on the initial valuation guide of the clearance consignment.
  2. Once instructed, we’ll visit on a date agreed to clear items. It may take more than one day depending on the size of the consignment. Any fragile or items of significance will always be treated with the respect they deserve. Our collection team will have packaging for safe transport to hand. We are also able to operate off-site auction events where applicable.
  3. Items are then transported back to our premises for storage and a more detailed assessment where necessary. We’ll endeavour to list for auction as soon as possible however this can take up to 6 months during busy periods. There is no cost for storage and items are all covered on our insurance.
  4. Leading up to auction day, items are photographed and listed on to our stock system ready for auction day. Once items are sold, payment is made usually within a month of the auction event.

For more information, please contact our sales office or email us on